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 Firestarter Bundle 
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  30+ Beats produced by Vordabeatzz
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  MP3 + High Quality WAV files
  UNLIMITED Licenses (Sell UNLIMITED units, get UNLIMITED views/streams) normally $99 EACH (Contract included as proof)

Additional 10 Beats & Hooks from Multi-Platinum and Grammy winning producers Anno Domini and Legion Beats!
(Contracts included as proof)

I will mix&master your song for FREE! Just send me your vocals and it's done!

I will mix&master ALL future songs you send me for discounted price!

5 FREE Beats
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  Beats Have 1 Tag in the Intro
  5 Beats
  High Quality MP3 Download
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Hey, my name is Davor and I've been producing more than 6 years now. ✋

I've worked with many artists in different genres. From hip hop, trap, pop, afro trap... I do mix and mastering, i can produce top quality vocals (with or without autotune).

I love educating myself constantly with new skills and knowledge. I think this is one of the most important features today's producers gotta have!

But, I'm not only a producer, I'm also mentoring many up and coming artists on what they should focus and improve in their music, vocals, work ethic...

In reviews, I'm not affraid to say what i mean, because i know that comments like "this shits fire bro" or "great work" mean little when you wanna grow and get to that next level!


You may be asking yourself, why is this bundle so cheap?

I understand the struggle getting your music out there (I've been there!), getting the right mind set when life gets in the way, and last but not least knowing you're better than other major artists out there and asking yourself why you're not where they are!

I understand independent artist budget and how tough it is to fund yourself, without backing from major labels or some kind of sponsors.  That's the reason I put this Firestarter Bundle together, to give you the tools to take your career to the next level, the easy way. This package has unbelievable value and is only for the SERIOUS ARTIST.

I made this offer so affordable that the total cost is less than purchasing 1 beat with an unlimited license! And you're getting 30+ Beats Unlimited Profit ) produced by me, 10 Beats from Anno Domini and Legion BeatsUnlimited Profit too! ) plus mix&mastering bonus.

I have NEVER done anything like this and am excited to be able to have time and resources to make this bundle for You!
Success in the music industry is all about hustle & relationships.

That's why I want to get this started the right way, with a seriously Amazing Offer!
✔️ I packed 30+ of my recent beats into FIRESTARTER bundle combined with services and discounts as well.

✔️ Im going to mix&master your next song for FREE! Also, i want to hook you up with discounted Mix&Mastering service which i usualy charge for $80 ➡️ NOW ONLY $30 FOREVER with this offer for every NEXT SONG you send me

✔️ I partnered with big producers Anno Domini and Legion beats and indluded their beats in my offer.

That means you also get 10 beats with UNLIMITED rights from multi-platinum award winning producers included in my offer! 🤩 HOOKS INCLUDED 🤩

✔️ Remember: I will 💣Mix & Master💥 your first song FOR FREE!
DON'T MISS this wonderfull opportunity i made FOR YOU! But watch out, this is LIMITED TIME and LIMITED SPOT offer.
You understand that i can't mix&master 1000 songs at once? That means limited spots are real, and after certain point, i will close this offer. So get your spot today and let's start working!
You can preview some of the beats here!
I hope You believe in yourself enough to invest in opportunities when you see them.

IF by any chance You think about skipping this opportunity, that's OK too. 🐣

Only thing is that you'll be missing this huge opportunity
i'm offering You today, at this price! And it MIGHT NOT BE here tomorow!⚠️

If You count only beats, that's like $1 per beat. I think this is seriously crazy offer!

If you're ready for some work, then let's get down to business!
"My job is to provide you with everything you need in order to be successful!"
please note: this offer is only available at this price FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!

So RESERVE your spot TODAY!

I can't wait to work with you!
Davor Vinkesevic
HERE's What you'll get when you upgrade today:
The All Star Bundle
20 Beats + UNLIMITED RIGHTS to what you can do with your songs!
  • Sell and Profit from your Songs with NO LIMITS - You'll get commercial rights to promote, distribute, perform, and sell your songs on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Professional Quality Tracked-Out Stems - Customize, arrange, and mix the beats around your song with the high quality WAV track-outs.
  • HUGE Value - Unlimited Licenses are normally $99 each. Get ALL 20 for only $27
Value: $1980
Your Cost: Just $27!
FREE Bonus #1: 
10 Additional Beats & Hooks from Platinum producers Anno Domini & Legion Beats
I've teamed up with some of the best producers from all over the world to bring you this exclusive offer!
  •  Platinum selling and Grammy winning producers - Anno Domini and Legion Beats have teamed up with me to give you 10 of their best beats & hooks! 
  • ​Work with producers who have worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop, Tech N9ne and more!
  • UNLIMITED LICENSES - You'll get the tracked-out stems and unlimited licenses so you can distribute, promote, perform, and sell these songs on all platforms with no limits!
  •  Crazy Value - Normally they charge $199 for each unlimited license. That would be $1,990 for all 10. You get them FREE!
Value: $1,990
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A discount on a powerful social media promotion service called More Music Followers so you can reach a wider audience with your music.
  • More Followers = More Fans: Get real people following you that have been targeted to be interested in your music. 
  •  Automated Service: Focus on making great music while we take care of growing your social media presence.
  •   Build your buzz: Get noticed by industry gate-keepers.
  •   Promote your music: Option to automatically send a direct message of your choice to all new followers.
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Value: $47/month
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  • ​10 Unlimited Rights Beats & Hooks from Multi-Platinum Producers Legion Beats & Anno Domini ($1,990 Value)
  • ​FREE mix&mastering for your next song ($80 value)
  • ​Huge discount on my mix&mastering service for all future songs (PRICELESS, but let's say $50 Value)
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